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Redefine your workspace with the Office Plants and Interior Landscaping service from GMG. Choose from a wide range of plants in a variety of sizes. Adding plants to your office environment can add real value to your work environment and professional image. At GMG Services it is our goal to deliver results that help drive your success. Guided by over 25 years of experience, our team can help you meet your interior landscaping needs.

Office plants can:

  • Improve air quality and overall employee comfort
  • Direct traffic patterns.
  • Hide unsightly outlets, wires or architectural flaws.
  • Update your professional look.
  • Promote brand awareness with colour or display options.
  • Helps frame creative space, conducive to collaboration and idea exchange.
  • Reduce office noise.
  • Reduce physical symptoms of stress.
  • Reduce dust pollution.
  • Promote Biophilia – the need for nature.

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No matter the size of your office or workplace we have a package to suit all environments.

Biophilic Design

The days of strip-lighting, bleak colour schemes, compact cubicles and artificial plants are starting to diminish and in its place come; bright colours, trendy seating plus a whole host of ideas that promote a healthy physical and mental wellbeing that increases productivity and creativity from employees.

The term ‘Biophilic Design’ taps into peoples need for nature. We simply encourage this by bringing elements of nature indoors. The concept has been around since the mid-eighties and initially rejected by decision makers and designers. But studies show that employee productivity increased by 6% and staff happiness by 15%, significant figures that are starting to make people sit up and take notice.

Concepts like 'moss walls' are the latest trend and are starting to become replacements for feature walls and coprorate pictures.

All of our services are carried out by qualified, trained professionals who will offer advice and recommendations where necessary. So why not give us a call and lets see what we can do for your office or workplace.

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